DIY Workshop: Make Your Own Necklace

DIY Workshop: Make Your Own Necklace



DIY Necklace Workshop, empty wood necklaces with a pile of fabric

Recently, I hosted a workshop to create a personalized, one-of-a-kind necklace.  For this workshop, I provided blank Birch wood necklace templates, which I designed and had laser cut prior to the class. To add to the wood was a variety of fabric remnants I saved from my accessories line. During the workshop I was able to teach the ladies how to choose fabrics that would blend well together; both in texture and color.  By doing this, the ladies were able to create a unique piece of jewelry that makes a statement and blends their personality and style. Each of the ladies was able to choose one of the two necklace templates featured above.  Then I set out nearly every piece of re-purposed fabric I had on hand.  Each lady picked their favorites and we got to work cutting the re-purposed fabric to fit the shapes within the necklace. All while enjoying some vino, of course.

After doing this workshop, I am even more aware of the wastefulness that is created when fabric is tossed away by the fashion industry.  These scraps can be used to create many more useful and creative projects just like this.  I loved hosting this workshop. I was wonderful to teach these ladies how to create and design one-of-a-kind necklaces. I was so happy I was able to impart my knowledge about this unique jewelry construction and help these ladies create the perfect piece, all while having a fun night out. Interested in attending a DIY workshop? Email or comment below.


1st Step

I create the wood cutouts. I’ll spare you the details on how this is designed but it’s cool to watch. I'll share this process in an upcoming post.

Wood laser cut out


2nd Step

The ladies picked out their fabrics and we prepared for the work of placing them into the shapes and cutting really small circles.

DIY workshop fabric pieces laying out on table


image from above table with fabric pieces spread out haphazardly


close up of fabric pieces on table with partially finished wood necklace on top.


3rd Step

After placing and cutting all the fabrics in the shapes, it's time to glue the pre-cut leather backing on to secure it all together. This part got a little messy, but I was there to help. 

4th Step

After the glue dried, I attached the necklace chains and they each had their one-of-a-kind piece to wear home.


Two finished pieces (below), one circular template and one dynamic template with the finished fabrics in place.

Completed wood necklace with various colors of fabric in-layed into wood.

Are you interested in creating your own Regenerous Designs DIY necklace and joining a workshop? Sign-up for my email list and comment below.

I would love to host more!!

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I would love to participate in a workshop if you host another one!

Natalie Elisabeth - Apr 23, 2018

I have been buying things from Alyssa at the last few Little Craft shows and am a fan of her work and philosophy of using this fabric waste. I attended this workshop and it was so much fun and just what I was looking for in a creative way. The hosts were great too at the Dandy Roll shop in Rogers. Had a lot of fun picking out different fabrics and seeing what others did, learning to layer fabrics too for cool effect. Alyssa was very good at helping when I needed assistance. Some ladies, a mom and daughter, even brought some vintage fabrics that was their mother’s/grandmother’s. They turned out beautiful. I love that these can do double duty as both a necklace and a wall hanging. I would love to do a mini wall hanging class too! Her headbands and jewelry are beautiful works of art too.

Gail Halleck - Apr 23, 2018

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