You're Invited to the Grand Opening of Material Concepts' Curated Desi

You're Invited to the Grand Opening of Material Concepts' Curated Designer Boutique!!

Exciting NEWS!! 

You're all invited to the Grand Opening of Material Concepts Curated Designer Boutique!!

When: Saturday, June 30, 2018


Material Concepts


You’ll be able to see, in person, the newest Regenerous Designs line of

wood-fabric jewelry made specifically for this shop.

Not local? That’s Ok. I’ve got a special announcement for you too!! Read till the end to find out!!

First, I want to introduce you to the owner of Material Concepts and the curator of the boutique.

This is Ashley Little (on the left).
(We're both wearing her clothing brand, Ellen Elaine, paired with my
Regenerous Designs statement earrings.)
Alyssa and Ashley at Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week

I had the wonderful privilege of collaborating with Ashley during Northwest Arkansas (NWA) Fashion week.

She asked me to create some custom jewelry to compliment her 60s / 70s inspired collection for her clothing line, Ellen Elaine.

NWA Fashion Week Runway Show 70s Style Top and Skirt

(Photography by Miles Witt Boyer's Team)

Custom Earrings and Necklace made for NWA Fashion Week

NWA Fashion Week Runway Show 70s Style Top and Floral Pants

(Photography by Miles Witt Boyer's Team)

Let me tell you a little about Ashley.  When she was young, her mom taught her and her sisters to sew.  Her mom would show her how to do simple projects like sewing a Tweety Bird pillowcase (Ashley’s first sewing project). As she got older, she began to sew her own clothes but for Ashley, the passion for sewing is much more personal. 

Ashley takes great pride in her work knowing her mom, who passed away from cancer when Ashley was only 14 years old, is always with her. 

She has used her passion for sewing to open up her own business and is now the owner of Material Concepts, an alterations boutique in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  She has been building her business on quality craftsmanship and is the local go-to girl for alterations of any kind.  While her alteration business is her craft, her passion is design

NWA Fashion Week Runway Show Frilly Top and Skirt

(Photography by Miles Witt Boyer's Team)

Custom Earrings and Necklace made for NWA Fashion Week

NWA Fashion Week Runway Show Modern BoHo Bride

(Photography by Miles Witt Boyer's Team)

She has been designing her own clothing line for NWA Fashion Week for four years. And through this, she has met a talented group of unique artists who each have their own design style. But she noticed that while these artists have an eye for style, they all seemed to struggle in a similar way. They all want to grow their business but don't want to risk everything by going into wholesale. 

It’s difficult to go into wholesale because it’s costly for small businesses.  These artisans want to grow their businesses but the typical route of selling their products in big box stores or wholesale isn’t supportive to small businesses.  But wait….

[Imagine trumpeting here] Da-da-da-daaaaa!!

This is where Ashley comes in (to save the day). 

Ashley has created a curated space in the storefront of Material Concepts, to allow artisans to display their products.  She is providing an opportunity for small business entrepreneurs to showcase their products; a niche that has yet to be filled in northwest Arkansas. 

Clothing and Accessories from Material Concepts

By showcasing local designers, she is reducing the cost of marketing, lowering overhead cost and lowering the overall cost to designers; all while providing another avenue for designers to sell their products. 

For now, the goal of the curated storefront is to create a local designer boutique to allow customers to see the products first-hand. But ultimately, the goal would be to create a space where the artisans themselves would come to teach classes to the community to create a more personal connection to locally made products

By seeing how these products are made consumers might develop a deeper understanding of the technical and creative expertise necessary to produce each and every one of the pieces showcased in the boutique. And hopefully create a consumer-aware community and change our mindset to be conscious of our environmental impact.    

Come check out the unique pieces from Regenerous Designs and the other wonderful designers that have been curated at Material Concepts Saturday, June 30th, 2018. 

Material Concepts Grand Opening Party Invite 

I know some of you might not be able to afford the flight to come visit although I wish you could. I love connecting with people in person!!

 I have a surprise for all you non-locals too!! 

When you spend $100 worth of product, you get a FREE pair of

New wood-fabric stud earrings!! Plus there's always FREE SHIPPING over $50

(THIS WEEK ONLY Valid on purchases made between June 27th  and July 1st )

NWA Fashion Week Runway Show Mod Style Dress and Necklace

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