A lot of people make headbands. No one makes them like these.

Our handmade Big Braided Headband actually stays on your head... or your neck.

It's so crazy versatile that if you get one, it's like you're getting four!!

There are so many ways to wear it!!

Different Ways to Wear the Big Braided Headband

Button Bows

The world's easiest, most comfortable, interchangeable bow tie.

Where It So Many Ways:
With The Button Band (Sold Separately).
- As a bow tie.  - As a bow headband.  - As a bow necklace.
- As a bow anything.

Each Button Bow is interchangeable with the Button Band using the button.
- The back of The Button Bows have a button & two straps. 
 - The button and/or straps are to be used with The Button Band braid

Without The Button Band.
- Use bobby pins/hair clips to pin it in your hair.
- Slide The Button Bow on a necklace, belt, pet collar, etc...

One Button Band. Infinite Button Bows.


You'll love these... infinity.

Different Ways to Wear Regenerous Designs scarves

Wear It In Several Ways:

1. Loop twice around the neck

2. Draped around shoulders like a shawl

3. Pull over head if you're extra chilled

Snuggle up in sustainable style!!